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Bathmate Penis Pump – HydroPump Review

bathmate penis pumps
Bathmate has a number of pumps that utilize a unique technique for enhancing the pumping effects. The most notable and obvious difference between the Bathmate products and a standard penis pump is the “hydro” component. That is, the pump is filled with water rather than air.

The water-filling has several benefits when it comes to pumping:

  • Maximize “chamber” filling via vacuum pressure
  • Evenly distribute pressure for fuller effect

An air pump may unevenly distribute pressure and suction through different areas of the penis, but a water filled “vacuum” changes the pressure areas that the penis fills and allows more of the penis to expand while easing other areas, creating a more distributed and therefore effective penile expansion.

We Received and Tried the Bathmate Pump Ourselves!

The model we purchased for review was the Hydromax X-series (X30) since it is claimed to be the most popular model.

Your Penis Grows Using the Process of Cell Division

How Exactly Does Your Penis Grow?…
Cell Division of Course!

So how are new cells formed?

Explain Penis Growth by cell division

The cell is a basic structural and functional unit of all living things, ranging from tiny bacteria to whale dicks and even humans. All cells must divide to reproduce. For single-celled organisms, cell replication is necessary for reproduction. For multi-cellular organisms, cell replication is necessary for growth, reproduction and for maintaining the body by replacing dying cells.

In large, complex organisms, such as mammals, cells divide and die in a cycle that keeps the tissues of the organism rejuvenated. The process is called the cell division and the complete cycle of cell division is called a cell cycle.