Who We Are

The Penis Size Guide is a collaborative effort to apply scientific inquiry to the concept of penis enlargement. Our main focus is to understand and develop methods and techniques of enlarging the penis.

We also spend a lot of time evaluating male enhancement supplements by using published studies on the most common ingredients.

Our Goal

As we collect data about PE, our goal is to eventually organize it into an easily accessible database and to use that information to create the most effective penis enlargement routine possible.

Currently, our approach is to combine many different techniques as they all seem to contribute to PE in different ways. Growth can be maximized with proper supplementation just as body builders maximize muscle gains with various supplements as well.


It is undeniable that penis enlargement works even though there is still some resistance in both the scientific and pseudo-scientific communities. One of the focuses of this site is to make growth more achievable with proper techniques. A basic routine can take months to realize any noticeable gains and require a lot of discomfort along the way. But there are ways to grow faster and more efficiently by using nutritional supplements and practicing healthy lifestyles.

Simple things such as getting more sleep, staying hydrated, getting sunlight, practicing good posture, eating right and exercising can make your already complicated male enhancement routine more effective and significantly increase gains over the long run.