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Welcome to TPSG

This website is an attempt to scientifically analyze everything there is to know about penis size. We specifically focus on penis enlargement, but also other topics such as erectile dysfunction, impotence, sex drive, sexual health, and the culture of phalluses.

We’ve decided to focus on the idea of being able to enlarge one’s penis for many reasons.

First, due to its taboo nature, science seems afraid to dive into the issue, often declaring the impossibility of such a feat without much consideration. The problem is that there is so much snake oil and psuedo-science out there that it’s difficult to distinguish the real science even if there was any. The other problem is that PE can be a lucrative business venture, especially when connected with the porn industry. As a result, spammy affiliates and phony penis-pill markets have been created to take advantage of anyone willing to try anything to “add inches” and get the “cock of their dreams” to “satisfy any lover” with a “long and thick member”.

Second, penis enlargement is clearly a very popular topic, as Google sees over 70,000 searches for that term every month! With such a demand for truth, we decided it’s time to draw the line.

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