Apigenin is a flavonoid that is commonly found in chamomile. It’s well known to be able to reduce anxiety and even act as a sedative in higher than normal doses.

Apigenin has also shown much promise for being an anti-cancer compound and has a very high safety threshold. Sufficient doses of apigenin can be obtained through regular plant and whole food consumption. It’s commonly found in parsley, celery, chamomile, artichoke and other plants.

Apigenin is sometimes found in male enhancement supplements such as “Pro Solution”, a top rated male potency formula. It’s said to work best in conjunction with Amla to support blood vessel health.


3 – 10 mg or higher to achieve sedative effects


Whole food

Duration of Use

No limit

Best Taken

With meals

  • Psychological

    May provide sedation and relaxation

  • General Health

    May reduce anxiety

How Does Apigenin Affect Penis Enlargement?

Support Blood Vessel Health

According to “Pro Solution”:

“Apigenin is a citrus bioflavonoid used primarily in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Amla is one of the world’s richest sources of Vitamin C. Bioflavonoids, such as apigenin, are thought to work synergistically with Vitamin C in the maintenance of blood vessel health. This pairing works to keep your sexual organs healthy and functioning properly over the long term.”

Reduces Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can certainly get in the way of an effective penis enlargement routine. However, apigenin is not uniquely effective for combating PE-hindering stresses. But there is the sedative effect which provide one more small benefit.


Physical and psychological relaxation can make it easier for your body to recover from physical damages. A good penis enlargement routine is continuously damaging your penile tissues and is constant need of recovery. The faster you can recover, the more gains can be realized.

The magnitude of any gains due to accelerated healing from being more relaxed due to the apigenin is probably negligible. We are currently researching various factors that affect recovery speeds for the body tissue that comprise the penis and while relaxation is important, it is not known or to what extent this may improve your healing.

Until more is known about penile tissue repair, there is little evidence to suggest that apigenin is a major beneficial ingredient to your penis enlargement or male enhancement endeavor.

Do We Recommend Taking Apigenin?

Supplementation of this nutrient is not needed even if it were proven to be an effective penis enlarging agent. Sufficient doses can be obtained in regular whole foods such as artichoke, celery, parsley, and celeriac. You can also obtain heavy doses of apigenin by consuming chamomile tea which may offer numerous other health benefits.

Add these apigenin-rich foods to your diet and keep them there for life. The cancer fighting properties are enough justification for this alone, regardless of the PE effects.

Recommended Products

Choose from chamomile capsules, artichoke extract capsules, and certified organic chamomile tea (loose leaf).