Bee Pollen is the resultant product of various pollens that have been collected by bees and packed into a dense pellet. It is edible to humans and often contains a diverse range of nutrients. In Greek mythology, bee pollen has been described as a Food of the Gods, where it was also known as Ambrosia.

One of the interesting properties of Bee Pollen is that the chemical composition and nutritional contents can vary quite dramatically based on the pollen that the bees collect. Virtually no 2 pollen samples are the same, and any nutritional analysis of bee pollen is specific to that case.


Depends on User, Use sparingly


Pollen balls, powder

Duration of Use

Short term

Best Taken

With meals or beverages

  • General Health

    Contains essential nutrients

Does Bee Pollen Affect Penis Enlargement?

Hours of searching through medical studies with the help of Google Scholar yielded virtually no studies on the effects that bee pollen may have on impotence, sex drive, male enhancement, etc… It was quite disappointing to be able to come up with NOTHING after reading gibberish that touted the benefits of bee pollen.

I wanted to find something positive, in fact I even prematurely bought a small bag of bee pollen to add to my morning cup of tea. While the taste was delightful, I did not notice any changes from the new addition to my diet, although that in itself doesn’t mean it doesn’t do anything. Most effects of nutritional supplementation are not consciously detectable.

There is No Proof of Efficacy

Various sources indicate that bee pollen may be harmful, or at the very least, just not very beneficial. If you do not have an allergy concern, bee pollen does offer a decent variety of nutrients, but none of which are specifically beneficial for any male enhancement type of issue. Even this site about bee pollen couldn’t offer any real evidence to suggest that it may be that beneficial.

WebMD certainly suggests that be pollen has little to offer health wise, primarily because of the lack of any evidence suggesting otherwise. My search for evidence supports this assertion.

The only positive take is that bee pollen generally contains an ample amount of basic essential nutrients:

  • 40% – 60% sugars
  • 2% – 60% proteins (that’s a large range)
  • 1% – 32% fatty acids (another big range)
  • 3% vitamins and minerals
  • 5% other nutrients

There is often a variety of fungi and bacteria present as well, although usually not harmful especially in the small doses that may be present, if at all. Some individuals may suffer allergic reactions if they are allergic to certain types of pollen. Bee pollen is NOT honey, honeycomb, propolis or royal jelly.


Do We Recommend Taking Bee Pollen?

No. Unless you like the taste of ambrosia in your tea or coffee, then I don’t see any benefits of ingesting this substance. We will keep an eye out for any new body of evidence. There is some progress being made in utilizing bee pollen for allergy shots, but I don’t think there is a connection between allergies and penis size.

As for the variety of nutrients, bee pollen may serve as a low level ‘multivitamin’ in some way, but not enough to warrant daily supplementation when there are much better alternatives out there.

Recommended Products

Choose from 100% pure, natural bee pollen granules, low-moisture whole granules, and bee pollen powder.

  • Allergic reactions
  • Possible liver or kidney damage
  • No known interactions

This data is provided by WebMD

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