Caffeine is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system. It is actually part of the class of psychoactive drugs but is typically considered ‘safe’ and is most commonly found in coffee, teas, soda and chocolate. There seems to be both positive and negative effects on health, this article will discuss the effects of caffeine on penis enlargement and erection quality.

How Caffeine Affects Erections & PE


Caffeine is one of the leading causes of sleep insomnia which has an adverse effect on all physiological functions. And due to it’s pseudo-addictive qualities, even people whom are aware of the problem may have a hard time staying away from this substance. Proper sleep is an important component of a PE routine because this is when the body produces the most growth hormone. A big factor in our┬áPE nutritional plan is to stimulate HGH production; this is hindered when sleep is inadequate.

Although there are benefits due to caffeine’s ability to ward off the need for sleep (temporarily), it certainly has no benefit for penis growth.


Caffeine can often worsen anxiety disorders, even mild ones. A poor psychological state induces stress levels and can wreak havoc on physiological processes, including those that support sexual drive and growth. High anxiety is bad for PE and can be made worse with caffeine intake.

Blood Pressure

Caffeine will temporarily raise blood pressure since it is a vaso-constrictor. High blood pressure is also coincidentally a cause of erectile dysfunction. Many ED medications such as Viagra work (in part) by helping to lower blood pressure. High blood pressure worsens circulation and therefore prevents optimal amounts of nutrients to get to the penis for repair and growth. Additionally, hyper-engorging methods such as jelqing or pumping will be slightly less effective at expanding blood vessels, reducing potential growth.


Drinking too much coffee doesn’t necessarily dehydrate you. Caffeine is a diuretic so it will make you urinate more frequently and your body will output more fluids than normal, but as long as you replace those fluids by drinking a little extra water then you don’t necessarily need to be concerned about dehydration effects. However, if you are not careful about hydration levels and consume lots of caffeine, then you may experience some negative effects. Dehydration does hinder erection quality and will prevent optimal blood flow and growth of your penis. Then again, dehydration will hamper all your physiological processes.


Although there are health benefits to consuming caffeine, we do NOT recommend supplementing your diet with further caffeine intake as it can have an overall negative effect on penis enlargement. If you are a ‘1 cup/day’ coffee drinker in the morning then you need not worry about caffeine intake. To those who drink 3+ cups of coffee throughout the day, plus a can of soda, plus a pre-workout concoction w/ caffeine, plus some chocolate cake before bed.. We suggest looking for ways to limit your intake.

At some point, too much caffeine WILL negatively affect PE. Our recommendation is to consume no more than 100-150 mg of caffeine, which is generally 2 cups of a mildly strong coffee. Try to avoid ANY caffeine intake after noon since it may take up to 8 hours for your body to eliminate caffeine from the system.

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