Cannabis is a flowering plant whose constituents are sometimes classified as a recreational drug and likely offers many notable health and medicinal benefits when ingested. There is some current controversy regarding the legalization of cannabis in certain states, but the industry hopes to overcome decades of marijuana criminalization and make recreational, over-the-counter cannabis legal everywhere.

Although a lot of scientific research has been done to verify many health benefits of cannabis, there seems to be little research into the effects of male sexuality, libido, PE or erectile dysfunction. However, there is an overwhelming growing body of anecdotal evidence to support significant and beneficial effects of cannabis on male enhancement.

Most medicinal forms come from the cannabis sativa plant. The principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis is a cannabinoid known as THC (tetrahydrocannabino). It is unclear if the THC cannabinoid is also responsible for the beneficial sexual effects or if it is due to a different active compound.

This substance is traditionally consumed via inhaling smoke (with a pipe, bowl, bong, or joint) but lately has become popularly used in vaporizers (or vapes). Vaporizers are a healthier alternative since it eliminates a lot of the harmful smoke associated with full combustion. Oral consumption is the best method though, as there is no risk to the lungs and the effects can last much longer.


5 to 20 mg of THC – 1 to 2 hours before sexual activity


Oil, Edibles

Duration of Use

Use sparingly

Best Taken

Without food or alcohol.

  • Libido

    Enhances sex drive and male libido.

  • Excitability

    Enhances the nervous system and sexual response mechanisms.

  • Psychological

    Decrease stress and improve psychological state.

  • General Health

    Improves overall health.

How Does Cannabis Affect Penis Enlargement?

Reduced Inhibitions

Similar to alcohol consumption, the right amount of dosing can reduce mental or psychological sexual inhibitions, leading to more reliable erectile responses. However, going overboard and taking too much may actually hurt your ability to maintain an erection. Smoking marijuana has been shown to cause an inhibitory response in certain areas of the penis, however the same has not been shown to happen when ingesting cannabis oil.

Increased Sensitivity

Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that the penis may become more sensitive (in a good way) and respond more readily to external stimulation within 2 to 3 hours of consuming THC orally. This generally allows for a fuller and longer-lasting erection, as long as you avoid ejaculating too quickly.

Sexual Stamina

Although survey studies indicate that males typically last much longer in bed when under the influence, there is also evidence that a person’s perception of time is greatly altered, creating a false sense of increased stamina. However, our own research here at TPSG which included a number of male and female volunteers suggest that the length of time in sexual activity is in fact increased when subjects are under the influence. Furthermore, the erection quality was reported as very “high” and “throbbing” throughout the duration of intercourse, often times lasting between 1 and 2 hours.

Important Considerations

Varying Effects

It is important to note that many clinical studies of cannabis use were performed via smoking rather than oral consumption. The effects of smoke inhalation, regardless of the source, can be negative and inhibitory which can skew the results of the study. Smoking studies can not be equated to other means of consumption.


Although TPSG supports the use of legal cannabis, it is still against the law in many states and we do not recommend illegal use of this “drug”.

Medical Grade

Only medical grade cannabis and THC products should be used when consuming this substance. It should also only be consumed orally as an oil or food additive rather than smoked or inhaled. Non-medical cannabis can possibly contain unsafe additives designed to provide a stronger high and can potentially be harmful or counter productive to your male enhancement goals.


Do We Recommend Taking Cannabis?

We can not provide “legal advice”, however there is good reason to believe that THC consumption is a potentially productive component of penis enlargement. Although the results can vary and are based largely off of anecdotal reports, our own experience suggests that THC is very beneficial.

You might want to consult a doctor and lawyer before use!

Recommended Products

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  • Lower blood sugar
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Slow down central nervous system (time lapse)
  • Increased appetite (munchies)
  • HIGH af
  • Unknown – Use at own risk

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