Catuaba is specifically referred to as the infusion (tea) of a variety of tree barks native to Brazil. This can sometimes cause confusion about what Catuaba actually is and what the potential health effects may be, since each tree bark may offer slightly different nutritional qualities.

Anecdotally, Catuaba which is derived from one of the following species seem to have the best aphrodisiac effects, and so these will be the only forms of Catuaba referred to in this article.

  • Anemopaegma arvense
  • Trichilia catigua
  • Erythroxylum vacciniifolium

How Does Catuaba Affect PE?

Catuaba has long been claimed to promote aphrodisiac effects, which implies a boost in libido. The contributions this may have towards enhancing penile growth is dependent on the mechanism which causes the effect.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of studies testing the efficacy of various Catuaba barks despite the overwhelming anecdotal support. The name Catuaba even means “what gives strength to the Indian”.

Recommed Catuaba Supplements

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