Colostrum is a form of milk produced by mammals in late pregnancy and just after birth. Dietary supplements, male enhancement pills and some health products contain bovine colostrum, which is a form of colostrum derived from cow’s milk.

What makes (bovine) colostrum different from regular milk is that it contains higher levels of protein and antibodies. There is no doubt that colostrum is critical for infants to obtain nutrients and stay healthy since their immune systems are weak and digestive processes not very efficient.

Extrapolating this concept, members of the health community have claimed that these benefits can get passed along to adults through colostrum supplementation. Some claimed benefits include improved immune response, increased stamina, and increased growth factor production.

How Does Colostrum Affect PE?

Of the potential benefits of colostrum, the increased production of growth factor seemed most relevant to penis enlargement. It turns out that there have been some studies supporting this idea. For example, this study suggests that exercising males saw an increase in IGF-1 due to supplementation. IGF (Insulin-like growth factor) is a protein and growth hormone. This growth hormone production is a natural process in the human body and is generally at its peak during puberty. Colostrum supplementation can sustain this growth hormone production beyond the years of puberty and even in older adults.

A synthetic analog known as mecasermin is used to treat growth failure, a condition seen in underweight and undersized children.

Colostrum supplementation stimulates IGF-1 production, an important growth hormone.

The other reported effects of colostrum such as enhance immune function are important health benefits, but not an overwhelming factor to consider for male enhancement purposes. Although we have found that most studies seem to support enhance immune function even though early claims suggested that the beneficial antibodies in colostrum were digested in a ‘mature’ digestive system.

Do We Recommend Taking Colostrum for PE?

Colostrum is one of those rare ingredients that seem to actually benefit growth stimulation. Although most of the supplements flaunt the ability to increase immune response, it’s the growth factor production that is critical for enlarging your penis.

Recommended Dosage and Supplement Brands

Dosage: 2-10 grams   Frequency: Twice daily   Method: Powder or Pill

Symbiotics (powder)NOWBody Boost

Products Containing Colostrum: GenF20 HGH Booster

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