Creatine is a compound that is naturally produced in the body and helps increase ATP energy in cells. It is commonly used as a body building or strength enhancement supplements as extensive research has verified its effectiveness in increasing muscle mass and strength.

How Can Creatine Help To Enlarge Your Penis?

One of creatine’s biological properties other than its ability to increase cell energy, is its ability to increase muscle recovery time and water retention. While this is mostly true for skeletal muscle, it is also true for smooth muscle as well, and the penis contains a significant amount of smooth muscle.

Penis Contains Abundant Smooth Muscle Tissue

According to Medscape, the penis has “abundant smooth muscle” in several areas of the penis, including the subcutaneous connective tissue, corpora (erectile tissues), and  even the scrotum. Thus, if smooth muscle can grow, so will those particular parts of the penis.

Smooth Muscle Tissue Can Grow (Permanently)

There are numerous ways to stimulate smooth muscle growth. The Journal of Biological Chemistry has found that “Mechanical stretching stimulates smooth muscle cell growth.” Other reputable sources have demonstrated that smooth muscle is in fact one of the “most plastic of cells”, meaning it has the ability to respond to growth factors quite easily. The American Physiological Society has identified a few growth factors for smooth muscle such as lipids, proteins, creatine, atromentin (see nutrition) and of course biomechanical stretching.

The smooth muscle is broken down during kegels, jelqing routines and stretching. Creatine can increase the rate of which your penis and PC muscles recover, but it can also temporarily inflate the size of that muscle, much like it does with skeletal muscle, by increasing the amount of water stored. Keep in mind, this temporary inflation would be very small due to the relative mass of the smooth muscle within the penis, but penis enlargement is all about very small gains over a period of time. The increased recovery time will help to enhance the overall effects of a penis enlargement routine.

Do We Recommend Taking Creatine?

If you are physically active then YES, we recommend taking creatine. Many scientific studies have validated the claimed effects of creatine including increased muscle mass, recovery, and even enhanced brain function. This supplement is beneficial in many ways and penis enlargement is just one of them.


Most sources recommend anywhere from 5-20 grams of creatine per day, but realistically 2-3 grams is sufficient enough to obtain the benefits.

  1. Ye Creatine helps

  2. Ayer

    Does it meat it has to be taken continuosly?

  3. Madumetja letwaba

    It it possible for creatine body building suppliment to increase my penis,i’ve seen changes with my penis since i’ve been using it

    • Moskow

      How many more cm did you gain on your penis, and after how long?

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