Damiana is a shrub plant native to the America’s. It is very commonly found in many male enhancement supplements today. Studies indicate that damiana can enhance the copulatory performance of impotent or “sexually sluggish” human beings. Browse Damiana Supplements here.

Damiana is most popularly used as an herbal infusion by makingĀ tea from the leaves. It is a popular ingredient in many male enhancement supplements due to it’s aphrodisiac effects. These effects are most pronounced during copulation recovery and instances of general fatigue.

Damiana has also been used to getĀ high via smoking. Smoking blends are commonly available in loose-leaf form or pre-rolled. As of 11/17/2017, Damiana is legal in all forms in the United States except Louisiana.


2 grams


Tea (herbal infusion), extract, leaf

Duration of Use


Best Taken

With meals or in an infusion

  • Aphrodisiac

    Increases libido

  • Reduce Anxiety

Can Damiana Help Increase Penis Size?

Damiana has been scientifically tested and validated to support and improve sexual function. It enhances libido and sex drive as an aromatase, which is an enzyme that can support sexual function. Any supplement that can enhance sex drive also increases blood flow to the penis which is essential for penis growth.


Helmrick, L., and Charity Reiser. “Aphrodisiac properties of Turnera diffusa.” J. Undergrad. Res 3 (2000): 109-113.

Do We Recommend Taking Damiana??

Yes, damiana can and should be used as part of the penis enlargement supplement program. To reduce the intake of pill or capsule form supplements, damiana can be used effectively as a ‘tea’ or diffusion in water. Damiana tea bags or loose leaves are available to consumers at relatively low costs compared to other herbs.

Recommended Products

Choose from a male enhancement tea, vitality drop extracts, or a smokable herbal blend.

  • Not enough evidence to be proven safe for pregnancy or breast-feeding.
  • May affect blood sugar.
    • Use with caution for people with diabetes or may undergo surgery.
  • Antidiabetes drugs such as glimepiride, glyburide, insulin and many others.

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