Herbal Ginseng Supplements

Eleuthero is a small woody shrub native to Asia. It is sometimes referred to as a ginseng because it is very similar in effects although this title has been banned in the U.S. as it is a misleading marketing gimmick. Eleuthero is not a ginseng as it contains no ginsenocides. Eleuthero is often found in male enhancement supplements.

Why Is Eleuthero Used In Male Enhancement Supplements?

Although it’s effects are similar to ginseng in many clinical trials, it isn’t exactly the same. Eleuthero was shown to significantly decrease depression levels in some studies, but not much else can be said from a clinical standpoint.

Eleuthero lacks the qualities in real ginseng that may help enhance penis enlargement gains.

Do We Recommend Taking Eleuthero For Penis Enlargement?

Eleuthero has very little to offer in terms of penis enlargement compared to other options, including true ginseng. We wouldn’t recommend wasting time, money, and effort on this particular herb due to lack of proven effectiveness.

However it does have some proven benefits such as being an antidepressant. Who knows, maybe it can make you feel better psychologically about your penis size.


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