HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a hormone that stimulates cell growth and reproduction and regeneration. It is necessary for your body to create this hormone to enable any type of permanent tissue growth.

How HGH Effects Penis Growth

By definition you can see why HGH might be important for penis growth. During a penis enlargement routine, your penis undergoes constant stress and is forced to regenerate new tissue, this process can be rapidly accelerated if your body was able to produce more growth hormone. Growth hormone itself is considered a drug and must be administered through prescription from a doctor only.

Fortunately there are clinically proven ways to increase your body’s natural ability to produce its own HGH, usually through supplementation.

One way to increase HGH production is by taking GABAs. It is a non-essential nutrient that has been clinically shown to increase natural HGH production, which can lead to accelerated growth in tissues that are undergoing a growth process, which your penis would be doing during a penis enlargement routine.

How to Stimulate Natural HGH Production

We are continuously seeking medical insight into which nutritional supplements work the best. So far, we have determined that GABAs, Mucuna Pruriens, and potentially certain amino acids may all accelerate natural production of the human growth hormone.

Additionally, studies indicate that adequate sleep, regular and high intensity exercise, a balanced diet, and low stress levels can all lead to increased levels of HGH.

Do We Recommend Taking HGH Stimulants?

Yes, HGH can be a huge factor in penis growth especially when combined with other nutritional components of the penis enlargement nutrition program.


Simply follow the product directions as provided.

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