What Is L-Glutamine?

L-Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid and is in fact the most abundant AA found in human blood. It’s extremely vital for protein synthesis, cell energy and other important physiological functions. There has been a lot of medical research on Glutamine which verifies it’s important role in accelerated healing, muscle growth, immune function and even intestinal functions. Some of these results is why glutamine has become one of the most popular supplement used by athletes and bodybuilders.

How Does Glutamine Affect PE?

Accelerated Healing

Many medical studies such as this one have demonstrated that glutamine supplementation considerably improves wound healing compared to a placebo group. Glutamine supplements are also used for medical patients who suffer from conditions that may lead to muscle atrophy such as cancer or AIDS, as reported by WebMD. Additionally, these supplements can be taken orally as reported in the previous studies.

The health benefits reported from individuals who are taking glutamine even when not under extreme stress or have occurred injury, suggests that a normal diet is at least slightly deficient in glutamine. Even if you are not actively pursuing penis enlargement, glutamine can be a very beneficial supplement.

Repairs ALL Types of Body Tissue

The healing effects of glutamine aren’t only directed at muscle tissue. It can help heal other types of tissue that compose parts of the penis such as ligaments, blood vessels and smooth muscle. During standard PE routines, (ie jelqing and stretching), the penis undergoes stress and cellular breakdown. An accelerated healing process allows one to apply a more rigorous PE routine and achieve faster results.

There has been some speculation that glutamine supplementation may help the body release human growth hormone, however these claims are unverified in the medical community.

Contributions of Glutamine

  • Provides protein for repairing broken down penile tissue
  • Increases excitability and endurance by providing cell energy
  • Improves psychological state by decreasing stress levels

Do We Recommend Taking Glutamine?

YES. L-Glutamine should absolutely be a part of your daily PE Diet Plan. This amino acid is vital for recovery, an important component of any growth regimen, whether for muscles or penis.

Doses and Side Effects

For optimal results, up to 40 grams is recommended (taken orally), but as little as 5 grams can provide noticeable benefits. Follow the instructions provided on your product label. Our recommended brand of l-glutamine can be found here.

Glutamine supplementation may not be right for some people with the following conditions: Cirrhosis, MSG sensitivity, Mania, Seizures or Liver Disease.

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    Excellent information. I bought some immediately. I am confident that it will work. I will do a follow up in a week?

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