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Niacin is an essential nutrient also known as Vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid. It must be consumed as part of a regular diet otherwise niacin deficiency can occur and may cause a number of conditions such as nausea, lesions of the skin, headaches and fatigue. Niacin supplementation is often used to treat bad cholesterol conditions of which is highly supported by medical studies, although high doses are required which may lead to other issues if not properly monitored.

Niacin is also commonly found in pre-workout supplements for athletes, daily multivitamins (for men or women) and male enhancement supplements such as Male Extra.

Topically, niacin can be applied to the skin or lips as it functions as an effective vasodilator. Many wrinkle creams and anti-aging products utilize this effect as studies have shown it to be effective at  reducing wrinkles, plumping the skin, and improving texture.

Niacin exerts antioxidant properties through redox reaction of nicotinic acid metabolites; thus, it can scavenge ROS which is the key etiology of skin aging such as wrinkles, sag, poor texture, hyperpigmentation, and skin yellowness. Moreover, niacin is applied for lip plumper due to its vasodilation effect. Niacin acts as the vasodilator which can dilate the capillaries of lip. The vasodilated lips are slightly swelled and redder making them appear as full blooming lips which is a typically desired appearance.

How Can Niacin Help to Enlarge the Penis?

Improved Blood Flow

Niacin is a very effective vasodilator even when taken orally. Because of this effect, niacin can significantly  reduce the effects of atherosclerosis (artery hardening) and improve blood flow. Improved blood flow is a crucial component of penis enlargement since this aids in providing higher quality erections, better engorgement during jelqing sessions and pumping, and faster recovery times. In fact, this vitamin is often prescribed as a treatment for some cardiovascular diseases, particularly peripheral vascular disease.

Topically, niacin can be applied to give the appearance of a slightly more plump cock by opening up the peripheral blood vessels.

Reduce Deficiency Effects

Mild niacin deficiency is common and often causes mild symptoms. Unfortunately, these symptoms are often ignored or falsely attributed to other causes. If you are not consuming 10-16 mg of niacin, you may suffer from some of these symptoms which may have an adverse effect on penis enlargement.

  • Slow metabolism
  • Poor blood flow and intolerance to cold
  • Aging skin
  • Tiredness

Do We Recommend Taking Niacin for PE?

Yes. Niacin should be a part of the regular PE nutrition plan as well as any general health plans. Fortunately, this supplement is common in multivitamins and other products designed for active lifestyles. If your diet or current supplements don’t meet the recommended daily intake values (12-16 mg), then you should consider an additional Vitamin B complex supplement.

Dietary Sources (mg per serving)

Chicken (6.5 mg) – Beef (5-6 mg)  – Fish (2-12 mg) – Avocados (1 mg) – Dates (2 mg)

Broccoli (0.6 mg) – Carrots (0.6 mg)  – Nuts (2 mg) – Legumes (1-14 mg) – Mushrooms (3-4 mg)

RDA: Men: 16 mg – Women: 14 mg

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