Polypodium Vulgare (polypody) is a fern whose extract is often included in male enhancement supplements. However the effects of this ingredient are questionable.

Can Polypodium Vulgare Help Increase Penis Size?

Some claims have stated that this herb can enhance sexual libido, however this has not been clinically proven. Additionally, some research has indicated that Polypodium Vulgare may actually have some negative effects.

Researchers at the National Standard Research Collaboration completed a study which outlines some of the effects and potential benefits of Polypodium Vulgare. The research indicates that polypody is effective at lowering blood pressure which can be a positive or negative effect depending on your current physical condition.

They further explain that it is likely that polypody can enhance the effects of other drugs such as stimulants or relaxants, by allowing it to travel easier in the blood stream. While this effect may explain some of the claimed benefits of polypody, in regards to male enhancement, it is not entirely conclusive.

In some cases, polypodium may cause blood pressure to drop too low or cause other symptoms such as drowsiness. We advise strong caution if you decide to take this supplement and always consult a doctor.

Do We Recommend Taking Polypody?

In general, the effects of this supplement are not well established and may have too many negative side effects. We would not advise using this ingredient as a primary component of your nutritional plan for PE. However, we feel it is okay if this ingredient is listed in your current male enhancement supplement.

Recommended Dosage

The studies that were done to test the effectiveness of polypodium vulgare consisted of 120-250 mg. Consult the package directions to gauge the proper amount.

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