Beetroot is a popular food item that has been anecdotally reported to increase blood flow to the penis and treat erectile dysfunction. In research, beetroot itself and many of the compounds it contains have been demonstrated to lower blood pressure and improve hypertension. Beets also help the body produce nitric oxide and have been touted by many athletes to be performance-enhancing due to the “pumping” effects as a result of improved circulation and vascularity.

Beets have become a core component in achieving maximum gains and erection quality for a many PE-ers.


3 grams – 1-2 times daily – 1 hour before physical or sexual activity


Root powder – Whole food – Pickled – Juice

Duration of Use


Best Taken

With water and micronutrients – before activity

  • Vasodilation

    Enhances sex drive and male libido.

  • Endurance

    Enhances the nervous system and sexual response mechanisms.

  • General Health

    Improves overall health.

How Does Beetroot (Red beets) Affect Penis Enlargement?

Nitric oxide

Beets are known to have high levels of nitrates (among other relevant nutrients) which have been shown to boost nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is of course a primary factor in achieving erections and providing the penis with ample blood flow for recovery purposes and hyperengorging.

With increased levels of NO, you can maintain fuller erections for a longer period of time. Recovery times will also be improved as more blood and nutrients are taken into the penis, helping to repair tissue as a result of penis stretching and jelqing.

Sexual Stamina

Numerous studies show that beet root supplementation can improve endurance in non-athletes presumably by helping them achieve higher VO2 max levels. These effects are less pronounced in elite athletes.


Do We Recommend Taking Red beets?

YES! Beetroot juice has become a staple supplement for many penis enlargement advocates. The anecdotal reports have become too significant to ignore and the plethora of scientific studies have only helped to confirm the validity of these claims.

Recommended Products

Choose from organic beetroot capsules, premixed beverages, raw beets, or a concentrated powder (recommended).

  • Redness in stool or urine
  • Low calcium
  • Kidney damage
  • None known

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