Velvet Antler is the thin material coating the outside of animal antlers such as deer or elk. It has been used in eastern medicine for over 2000 years and is often found in many penis enlargement supplements.  Velvet Antler has been approved by the FDA for treatment of arthritis, but may be beneficial for other things.

Can Velvet Antler Help Increase Penis Size?

Velvet Antler contains non-essential nutrients that your body normally produces itself such as fibroblasts, chrondroblast, and chondrocytes. Your body can use more of these nutrients when already provided rather than having to make it itself. These nutrients when taken in velvet antler form have been clinically proven to enhance cell and tissue growth. This is very important and beneficial when it comes to penis enlargement. During a penis enlargement routine, you are constantly tearing and damaging tissue and the faster it can recover then the more it can grow.

These effects are generally verified by multiple clinical studies on Velvet Antler. This is perhaps why the FDA has actually approved its use.

Do We Recommend Taking Velvet Antler?

Yes, Velvet Antler provides a means for enlarging the penis in a way that no other supplement can offer. It provides hard to get nutrients that your body needs but can only make so much of. Velvet Antler makes a great penis enlargement supplement and should be included in your nutrition program.


The supplement below contains 250 mg of Velvet Antler per tablet. We recommend taking at least one tablet daily but two can be taken as well at separate times of the day.

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