Zinc is an essential trace mineral. Our body requires a certain amount of zinc in order to function correctly. Scientists have identified several key roles including prostate function and sperm production. This might be one of the reasons why zinc is so commonly found in male enhancement products.

Although Zinc can be an effective supplement, there are many precautions to consider such as dosage level, form and individual dietary needs. For athletes and people deficient in Zinc, supplementation may be very effective for men’s sexual health.


10 to 25 mg – 3 or 4 times per week


Capsule, Tablet, Pill, Liquid, Powder

Duration of Use

2 Months

Best Taken

With meals or in addition to other supplements*

  • Fertility

    May improve fertility, semen quality, and sperm count

  • Testosterone

    Enhances testosterone production

  • Tissue Repair

    May enhance recovery time

  • General Health

    Improves overall health and can be beneficial for many ailments

  • Topical

    May be used topically to enhance effects and localize to the penis

How Can Zinc Contribute To Penis Enlargement?

Zinc has been associated with prostate function and sperm production, but this has almost nothing to do with penis enlargement. However, zinc does have other properties that are conducive to penis enlargement. It is essential to the healing process and can speed up recovery time. This can help your penis recover faster from the wear and tear of stretching and jelqing. Zinc also serves as a structural component and modulates brain excitability.

Improved Healing

Zinc is found in nearly all body tissues and plays a role in damage repair. Deficiencies in zinc can hinder penile repair and ultimately slows down progress. A small amount of supplementation may be all that is needed to take your PE gains to the next level. When taken with other nutrients, there may be other health benefits that contribute to further sexual enhancements.

Increased Fertility

Although this does not equate to more growth, having larger semen loads and better sperm quality can enhance the sexual experience, which is really the end goal, is it not?


Do We Recommend Taking Zinc?

Yes, in addition to the fact that zinc can accelerate penis healing, it is also an essential nutrient and contributes to your overall health.

Other fringe benefits make zinc supplementation a worthy addition to your routine. Higher testosterone levels, better semen production, and an overall healthier vibe can all be a benefit realized from this essential mineral.

Recommended Products

Choose from Zinc Gluconate, Zinc Picolinate, Zinc Oxide, Chelated Zinc and many other forms,
  • Fever, coughing, stomach pain, fatigue, and many other problems when take in high doses over a long time.
  • Antibiotics
  • Cisplatin
  • Penicillamine

This data is provided by WebMD

  1. Anil Pratap Handa

    No fear.
    Go ahead.
    Pomegranate is also good

  2. Srinu

    Yes ziinc salenium aswagandha avinasativa damiana will improve penis size and good erections. It is 1000 percent true. Dear friends use it and get best results.

  3. jackson muchiri

    Am preparing to take zinc and other supplement to enlarge size of ma penis, how sure am I it would`t temper with my fertility?

    • Anil Pratap Handa

      Add Pomegranate seed decoction Or Pomegranate 1 daily as and when available.
      Maan this working for me!

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