Add Length

increase penis length

Biomechanical stretching is the only proven method to elongate the penis.

Add Girth

increase penis width

Hyper-engorging can lead to significant increases in penis width.

Maximize Growth

maximize penis growth

Optimize growth with these tips so you can make the biggest gains possible.

1. Biomechanical Stretching

Stretching consists of a multitude of techniques designed to stretch, pull, and lengthen the ligaments and other components of the penis. This usually incorporates the use of an extender device (also known as traction device or simply a penis stretcher).


  • Manual Stretching – Pulling on the penis with your hand. There are a variety of hand stretching techniques.
  • Traction Devices – A mechanical device that holds the penis in a stretched position.
  • Weight Hanging – Attaching weights to the penis.

How it Works

The stretching part of a PE routine is typically used to add length, however some girth gains can be made as well as the penis tends to grow with some degree of proportionality.

The penis is primarily composed of ligaments, erectile tissue, smooth muscle, and blood vessels. Like any ligaments in the body, the penis ligaments can be permanently elongated by means of stretching, although it usually takes a lot of constant tension. When a force is applied it slightly tears apart the fibers that make up the ligament and when the body repairs the damage, it fills in the gaps that were created from pulling them apart, thus adding to the length of the ligament.

2. Hyper Engorging

Hyper Engorging is the term we use to describe any type of exercise or technique that forces more blood into the penis than it normally holds. Examples of hyper engorging include a variety of jelqing techniques, the use of a penis pump, and clamping.


  • Jelqing – A hand exercise designed to force extra blood into the penis. Can be done using rollers or jelqers as well.
  • Pumping – A vacuum device is used to pull blood into the penis and prevent it from leaving by means of suction forces.
  • Clamping – The act of  ‘clamping’ the penis to prevent blood from escaping. Can be accomplished with cock rings or other devices.

How it Works

These methods of hyper-engorging are typically used to increase girth of the penis, however a small increase in length can be a nice side effect with a consistent routine.

The erectile tissue which fills with blood can be widened and lengthened by using a method we call hyper-engorging. What this does is force more blood into the chambers than it usually allows and this causes the walls of the erectile tissue to expand and break down.

Like any tissue of the body when it is slightly damaged it will grow back thicker and stronger as an adaptive technique to prevent it from happening again. Hyper-engorging will also thicken the blood vessels although because they are much smaller relative to the erectile tissue the differences are not very noticeable visibly, but certainly contribute to the function and growth of the penis overall.

3. Maximize Growth

Supplementation is a critical component of penis enlargement and can greatly affect the rate at which your penis grows. Nutritional supplementation may provide various mechanisms that affect the rate of penis growth during a penis enlargement routine. Some examples of actions that occur due to supplementation which affect penis growth include: Increased blood flow, growth hormone and testosterone production, libido enhancement (brain), accelerated healing, and more.

Nutritional Supplementation

There are a variety of techniques on this site that describe how to physically elongate and thicken your penis. But another important aspect of penis enlargement is making the most of this effort. The key to maximizing your potential penis enlargement gain includes increasing blood flow to the penis and providing it with the proper nutrition to aid growth and recovery from exercise and stretching at the fastest rate possible.