How To Adjust and Fix Your Penis Extender

Each penis extender requires slightly different modifications depending on its design. In some cases you may need to get creative and come up with your own solutions. Below we list the common problems we have come across in finding a way to achieve maximum tension and then we list and discuss the various solutions.

Problem 1

The strap slips or does not hold the penis after exceeding 1500 grams of force.

Solution 1

Replace the strap or hollow silicon tube with a piece of material you can use to tie around your penis with a knot. The knot will prevent loosening and the material wont slip if tied tight enough, but not too tight to cause pain or cut of circulation. A good material to use might be a drawstring from a hooded sweat shirt. Double loop it and wrap a piece of tape over the part that would contact the penis to allow more comfort and less pressure. Shoe strings are generally too thin, but you may be able to thicken them up by wrapping a gauze or something similar around it. Be creative and find something that works for you. Strap your penis into the ‘front piece slot’ with the new modified strap and test it by pulling on the piece. You can judge whether it feels like it would take more force to come loose.

Problem 2

The hand screw is at full extension, yet there is much more tension to be increased.

Solution 2

This is one of the most difficult problems. You have everything strapped in and the hand screws are fully extended and you feel the 1500 grams of force, but you want more. For Some devices you may be able to order additional hand screw pieces and work them into the extension rod system so you now have double or even triple the hand screw capabilities. But often times the dimensions of the rods wont allow that to be possible. If this is the case then it will take further innovation to solve. Generally it is possible to order additional hand screws. If the company supplies those then you can simply order them and configure them into your extender device.

Problem 3

The base gets very uncomfortable due to the pressure from high tension and longer usage.

Solution 3

You can purchase a large, soft rubber cock ring to place over your penis before you place the extender. This greatly cushions the pubic area and relieves pressure.

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