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Bathmate Penis Pump – HydroPump Review

bathmate penis pumps
Bathmate has a number of pumps that utilize a unique technique for enhancing the pumping effects. The most notable and obvious difference between the Bathmate products and a standard penis pump is the “hydro” component. That is, the pump is filled with water rather than air.

The water-filling has several benefits when it comes to pumping:

  • Maximize “chamber” filling via vacuum pressure
  • Evenly distribute pressure for fuller effect

An air pump may unevenly distribute pressure and suction through different areas of the penis, but a water filled “vacuum” changes the pressure areas that the penis fills and allows more of the penis to expand while easing other areas, creating a more distributed and therefore effective penile expansion.

We Received and Tried the Bathmate Pump Ourselves!

The model we purchased for review was the Hydromax X-series (X30) since it is claimed to be the most popular model.