Electroshock therapy has been around for decades, used to treat a variety of ailments such as muscular strains, fractures and soft tissue tears. Sound waves have been used effectively to treat kidney stones. Recently, some studies have suggested that Electro-therapy may be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

How Electricity Affects PE

Increased Blood Flow

Low-level electrical stimulation of the penile tissue stimulates neovascularization. This is the formation of microvascular networks of blood vessels. The result leads to increases blood flow and even greater tissue growth. What’s more, is that the effects are long lasting. The increased vascular network has long term effects and is very effective at treating erectile dysfunction for patients who don’t respond well to oral treatments such as Cialis or natural herbs.

Muscle Stimulation

The penis is lined with smooth muscle and the electric pulses contract these muscles. As with any muscles, constant contractions wear down the muscle tissue and causes it to grow back stronger and larger than before, essentially adding size to the penis. Smooth muscle tissue is very responsive to this type of stimulation, including the muscle of the penis.

How to Apply Electric Stimulation to the Penis

There are some devices specifically designed to apply electrical shocks to the penis. The intensity of the shock is considered very low. Patients who underwent electroshock treatment for erectile dysfunction had no complaints of pain or discomfort.

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Using the Stim Device

Using the stimulation device should not replace other core penis enlargement techniques such as jelqing, stretching and pumping. Electro-stim is a great PE technique which is easy, comfortable (maybe even pleasurable), effective and passive, ie you can continue doing other productive things (like work) while using the device.

The best time to apply electroshock therapy is after all the core PE techniques have been completed for the day, electric stimulation is meant to be a recovery system rather than a ‘work-out’ like jelqing and stretching. If your penis is sore from a good workout and day’s worth of stretching (using an extender), then ending the day with some electroshock therapy is a great way to kickstart the healing process and see greater gains, faster.

Studies on Electroshock Therapy (for the Penis)




Sound Wave Therapy:

Penile Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy: A Promising Novel Modality for Erectile Dysfunction

Low Intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Function

  1. Ok

    It also makes it so you are not horny all the time. I guess making the ejaculations much better, similar to real sex

  2. Javier

    I do start using this method and is works OMG Now I see and feels the difference Is Huge. I have an tens unit,this is the one doctors prescribe for muscle pain when you have accident, surgery,get hurt, therapy or tissue damage. I start trying usin this for my penis just been curious and feels good a little pain but that’s normal the more you raise vol on the 3 modes the more the pain & pleasure but it’s works trust me I star 7/12/22 and I see & feels the difference when I sleeping & woke up in the morning 💪💪💪 99%

  3. Larry J Jamison

    With Tens units costing $35.00 you can do the shock therapy yourself mimicking the medical journals settings and shock events. Save thousands of dollars.

  4. Gayle

    I can’t tell if the author of this article is an idiot or just deliberately misleading people. I suppose either is a problem. The studies on shockwave therapy he’s referenced have nothing to do with electric shock. I understand they have “shock” in the name, but if you actually read them they refer to a form of ultrasound. This treatment is purported to increase vascularization, not smooth muscle.

    Is the guy selling something?! Is that his motive for such horrible misinformation??

    • Big D

      I have updated the links as they were switched. You were correct, the previous links referred to sound waves. The article now reflects links to research on both sound wave therapy and electrical stimulation. This is a small sample set, the literature contains at least hundreds of similar studies. Thank you again for calling the error to my attention.

  5. John

    Is it safe to use if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator?


    • Javier

      You don’t need to buy the special one just buy tens units one on eBay,Amazon is the same thing o works better. Even you can get one prescribed from ur doctor. But don’t tell him is for ur penis lol. Tell him to prescribe u for pain.

  7. George

    Does this help with peyronies disease?

  8. Philip Love

    I’ve been using electric stimulation pads and cock ring for a good six months on my penis. All of a sudden my penis is getting huge is this ok?

    • Don

      How and where do place the pads? Must it be done with or without an erection? Thank you.

  9. Peter

    What are the dangers of using it and side effects ?

    • Alex

      I almost died after using it on my cock for about couple weeks, all sudden i felt my heart grab and sqeeze none stop, weird feeling and i felt panic attack, which i never experienced for 2 days staright i was on my knees repenting thought i was going to die 100% , i searched on it a bit and found forum where allot.of people claimed on that forum that people they knew either died from.heart attack or stroke or almost died, or other issues, when i did it very low voltage it was fine but eventually i stop.feeling it so i slowly increase pulse, and eventually got close to high voltage, i used stem 7000 i think it called, it was scariest i ever went thru..and i do not recommend as even now i crave it months later after not doing it because it does release some adrenaline and cause certain vibaration, it can damage nerves, or death, it is just people die from it cant report and family members usually do not know why ttiggered the death, since we domt share our sexual stem with family, those few that dies i dont know if they used it on back pain or sexual stem..

  10. MG

    can you get gains just from using shock therapy ?

    • Big D

      Yes, I believe the shock therapy builds and develops the smooth muscle in the penis, adding to small but noticeable increases in girth and strengthens ejaculations.

  11. i want this shock wave treament

  12. Hein

    Dos it enlarge pennis permantly and how long dos it take

    • Big D

      It can speed up recovery from enlargement routine and help develop/add smooth muscle. This may result in small increases in girth.

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