Topical Treatments for Penis Enlargement

Creams, oils, and patches are designed to increase blood flow which in turn brings in more nutrients to the penis that are important for growth and recovery. It also helps to enhance the hyper-engorging effect while jelqing and pumping.

Do These Applicants Really Work?

Some of these products work to temporarily increase blood flow and/or sensitivity. Some patches even release nutrients into the blood stream that can be beneficial in many ways. Read our nutrition page to find out more about what nutrients can help. As for the increased blood flow and sensitivity, although it is just temporary, that is all you need to help increase the size of your penis. When jelqing, pumping, or recovering it is important that you allow as much blood to flow through the penis as possible.

How Should You Apply This Strategy To Your Penis Enlargement Routine?

We would hate to sound like we are just trying to sell you a penis enlargement cream or patch, but the fact is this method can really help add an extra boost to your gains. We have reviewed quite a few creams, oils, and patches, and have come up with product reviews. You can check out our product reviews for some input or you can simply go out and buy your own.

Once you have the product here is how you should use it.

CREAMS/OILS – Apply the cream/oil to your penis for wet jelqing sessions, pump sessions, masturbation, and before bed. This maximizes the penile blood flow throughout the day and when you need it most.

PATCHES – Usually the directions on the package are pretty good. Typically you just apply the patch early in the day and wear it throughout. You can also wear it over night.

Ideally you might want to consider using both patches and creams/oils. They have slightly different mechanisms of actions and so will enhance the overall effects. If you don’t want to spend the money then at least one will still be better than none.

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