9 Unusual Factors That Can Help Your Penis Grow

Anyone who has done their research on penis enlargement will have noticed a few reoccurring points. Techniques like stretching, penis exercises (jelqing), pumping, kegels and proper nutrition are all vital to enlarging the penis. Each of these practices have an important role in PE and contribute to your growth potential. These methods are widely known because they…

Your Penis Grows Using the Process of Cell Division

How Exactly Does Your Penis Grow?…
Cell Division of Course!

So how are new cells formed?

Explain Penis Growth by cell division

The cell is a basic structural and functional unit of all living things, ranging from tiny bacteria to whale dicks and even humans. All cells must divide to reproduce. For single-celled organisms, cell replication is necessary for reproduction. For multi-cellular organisms, cell replication is necessary for growth, reproduction and for maintaining the body by replacing dying cells.

In large, complex organisms, such as mammals, cells divide and die in a cycle that keeps the tissues of the organism rejuvenated. The process is called the cell division and the complete cycle of cell division is called a cell cycle.

Tobacco and Erectile Dysfunction

Smoking Facilitates Erectile Dysfunction! Author: Sangi Tons If you are addicted to cigarettes and other tobacco containing substances then you are most likely to become a victim of erectile dysfunction. Well buddy, it is not a statement that I have concocted out of my imagination but is nevertheless a fact. Now, I would like to…