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Maca is a tuberous plant (root vegetable) native to cold, high altitude regions primarily in Peru. It is one of the most common ingredients found in many male enhancement supplements. It is also a common food used much like a potato in other cultures, although it is a bit sweeter.

Maca is a well known aphrodisiac and is commonly used in livestock feed to enhance fertility. Consumption is considered safe and can be eaten/consumed in many forms such as pills, powder or as a cooked food. Maca Chicha is tasty fermented drink made from maca. It is also rich in fatty acids and amino acids.


1500 – 3000 mg as an extract or concentrate

10 – 40 grams as food product

Duration: 4 months


Water or ethyl-acetate extracts, pills, powder, whole food

Best Taken

With meals or before sexual activity

  • Testosterone

    May enhance natural testosterone production

  • Aphrodisiac

    Increases sex drive

  • Fertility

    May enhance semen quality and fertility

  • Prostate

    May reduce prostate swelling

How Does Maca Effect Penis Enlargement?

The exact mechanisms of how Maca effects the libido is unclear, however the totality of studies conducted on Maca strongly suggest that it is an effective libido enhancer. This in turn allows increased blood flow which is essential in supporting penis enlargement. Additionally, maca has been shown to improve semen quality, reduce prostate swelling, decrease anxiety, and does not affect hormones.


Do We Recommend Taking Maca Root For Penis Enlargement?

Yes. We strongly suggest that maca be included in your penis enlargement nutritional program. It’s a low risk supplement with proven effects and a simple, convenient means of administration.

It’s a great addition to beverages such as protein shakes, recovery drinks or smoothies. It’s also a great ingredient for herbal coffee lovers. In addition to the libido-enhancing properties, maca is loaded with other nutrients which contribute to overall better health. Healthy fatty acids and protein-building amino acids make maca an excellent dish or supplement.

Recommended Products

Choose from raw organic maca root powder, vegetable capsules, and gelatinized maca powder.

  • May mimic effects of estrogen
  • No known interactions

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  1. Godfrey

    Where can I find it in Uganda

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    Hello my name is Tim does this really make you penis bigger and how do I get sone?

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    is it true dat maca root work for penis enlargement

    • Godfrey

      How can I get maca powder in Uganda

  4. Isaac

    How long does it take the penis to enlarge when one takes in maca products and can I get maca products to buy in Ghana ?? If yes how much in Ghana cedis

  5. Isaac

    How long does it take the to enlarge when one takes in maca products and can I get maca products to buy in Ghana ?? If yes how much in Ghana cedis

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  10. philip

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  12. Gudmrng, pls I want to understand very well about maca, yesterday I went to Jethro pharmacy in ASOKORO to get any of this inlargenexx pills and I was given maca 500mg 60capsuls and I immediately started taking it for how many days or weeks can some started seeing the signs, and what are the symptoms? Thanks

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