Many industries have been taking advantage of the hype over things like pituitary powder or “raw glandular” or “hypothalamus extract”. The claim is that since the pituitary gland is the creation center for many hormones important to growth, it must contain nutrients that can stimulate growth when consumed. The fact is the pituitary gland produces growth hormone and other chemicals. We were so intrigued by this idea that we once again hit the books and skimmed over hundreds of articles about pituitary extract supplementation.

The Effects of Pituitary Consumption

Very little research has been done to document the effects of consuming pituitary based supplements. However, plenty of research has been done on the effects of oral consumption of human growth hormone. This is where the theory of pituitary powder for penis enlargement falls flat…

HGH can not be consumed orally to increase HGH levels.

According to extensive medical research (as published by WebMD and others), human growth hormone is digested in the stomach and broken down into small units, no longer surviving as a functional chain of growth hormone.

Knowing that oral administration of growth hormone is ineffective at stimulating growth, there is little reason to believe that pituitary powder or any other supplement with active growth hormone can actually help increase HGH levels in the body.

There are other constituents in pituitary extracts, however no suppliers of this supplement bother to mention what specifically it is. There could be various other hormonal compounds or a plethora of vitamins and minerals. But if it were truly an effective supplement, you would expect the manufacturer of such products to be more transparent.

Do We Recommend Taking Pituitary Powder?

No. We have found no reason to believe that this supplement has an effect on penis enlargement. You will likely find this ingredients in many male enhancement supplements. But, just because we have debunked this ingredient as an effective male enhancer, it doesn’t mean that products containing this ingredient are no good. Some products such as GenF20 still have other ingredients that are highly effective.

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