The philosophy of penis stretching is simple. Applying a tension to your ligaments, tendons, or muscles will cause them to literally stretch. When it stretches, the fibers are damaged and elongated, and the body works to rebuild the damaged tissue by filling in the gaps with extra tissue. Overtime the tissue becomes longer and longer. This technique has been proven effective over and over again and easily applies to penis enlargement.

Types of Penis Stretching

The three main ways to stretch your penis are by using an extender, using your hand to manually stretch, or by weight hanging. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method. Additionally, there are many different types of manual penis stretches that you can do, as well as different types of stretching devices you can use such as a Phallosan or traditional traction device. Realistically it is not necessary to use a large variety of stretches. In fact just one or two will suffice.

1. Stretching Your Penis Using An Extender

Penis Stretching by means of a mechanical traction device or penis extender can be a rather complicated and potentially expensive process. There are many different brands of extenders you can purchase and each have different qualities, some good and some bad. Lucky for you we have put a lot of time and money in to researching as many different brands as we could. Read About Our Reviewed Penis Extenders here.

Penis Extenders certainly can increase the size of your penis, permanently, but the results are mainly dependent on 2 factors: The level of tension and time worn. Typically, most companies recommend wearing the device for up to 12 hours per day at a tension level of about 1200 grams. As little as 900 is around the minimum and usually tension can not exceed 1500. Most, if not all devices, will start to fail near 1500 grams of force.

The problem is, to wear the device for 12 hours per day is very annoying to say the least, and even still, the results are rather minimal, potentially adding only between a half inch to an inch or so after 6 months. And that’s if you stick to a very strict schedule.

Most companies purposely design their product to not allow more than 1500 grams of force, and this is probably due to liability issues. The higher the tension the more likely someone may injure themselves, which is entirely possible.

Studies on the Use of Penile Traction Devices

In the course of our research we have modified some of these products to allow as much tension force as possible, although it is hard to measure the exact force we estimated it to be as much as 3500 grams. This is more than double what you can get from a standard penis extender, and what we found is that the results are proportional.

We measured the total time and average force over a 1 month period and recorded the progress to a high degree of accuracy. The penis extender device was worn for an average of 3 hours per day at an average tension force of 3500 grams. If you multiply the the 2 variable (90 hours x 3500 grams) you get 315,000 PE Units. The total gain was .25 inches or 3.5% after one month.

Compare this to the standard routine which would be 8 hours per day at a tension of 1200 grams. Multiply the variables (240 hours x 1200 grams) to get 288,000 PE Units. The total gain was less then .25 after one month, but was worn more than twice as long.

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2. Penis Stretching By Hand

Manual penis stretching should be done in multiple short sessions throughout the day, either before or after mechanical stretching, in the morning, in the shower, before bed, before or after dry and wet jelqs, etc. This is a simple way to keep the blood flowing and the ligaments stretching with minimal strain and effort. Manual stretching is only meant to be a SECONDARY means of lengthening the penis.

  1. You may start by warming up the penis. Do this by placing a warm towel or a heating pad around the penis. You may also run warm water over it such as by taking a shower. NOTE: It is not essential that this be done, but recommended.
  2. Begin by gripping the penis just below the head and pull outwards till you feel a strong but comfortable stretch. Hold for 10-20 seconds and release.
  3. Shake your penis to relieve the tension and repeat the same stretch upwards, downwards, left and right. Stretch to each direction at least 3-5 times. This series should take no more than 5 minutes.

How To Apply Stretching To Your Routine

Stretching may be the single most important aspect of enlarging your penis, so it is recommended that you apply this technique everyday with occasional rest days perhaps every 5 or 6 days. It is best to revolve the rest of the penis enlargement routine around your stretching schedule. Set a time each day for you to wear a stretching device and/or perform a manual stretching workout. Once you are able to stick to this schedule you can than work in the other components of penis enlargement.

3. Weight Hanging

Weight hanging is possibly the most dangerous and inconvenient method that is still used today to elongate the penis. The concept is pretty much exactly how it sounds. People hang weights from there penis by tying a string or rope around it and adding weight. In some cases you can walk around, but it becomes difficult with clothing on and therefore not practical for everyday application.

Some of the world’s longest penises achieved there current status by applying rigorous weight hanging techniques, in fact some of these people make a living by pulling cars with their dicks.

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Scientific Study On Penis Stretching

Click Here to See Results of an Independent Clinical Study on the Effects of Penis Stretching

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